Your Reliable Cardano Stake Pool

100% safe
100% uptime

The stake pool cluster is secured, monitored and always connected. No missed blocks.

We give back extra-compensation to our loyal delegators from OUR profit

Our delegators deserve payback for their loyalty.
Periodic compensations for our delegators, so they make even more profit, deducted from OUR margin.

Lowest possible fees

Pool fee margin of 1%.
We will always have the margin as low as possible.

We give back part of OUR profit to medical investigation

We believe ADA will change the world and that starts from collaboration in critical research such as medical investigation, that will boost human future.
Periodic donations from OUR margin, but you decide what project gets the profit.

Professional management, care and support

Experience, expertise in server management working for your ADA and full support for the delegators, at anytime, 24/7.

We want to grow together. Your trust is our better motivation to maximize your profit.

We want to grow big, very big and become stake leaders. Are you in the team?

[CURE] Stake Pool Information
  • Ticker : CURE

  • Pool Name: AdaBoost CURE

  • Pool ID: 81c8e358f05b8770fb3476448858a9970bb25413ac365ed27bb82592

  • Margin: 1%

  • Fee: 340

  • Periodic donation to Medical Research – extracted from the Pool’s Margin

  • Periodic Compensation to Loyal Delegators – extracted from the Pool’s Margin

  • Ensuring Maximum Profitability for All Our Generous Delegators (+ extra compensations)

  • – More Technical info –
    Green servers located in Europe (GER)
    3×16 GB RAM servers (twice the minimum)
    100% uptime
    Secured & Backup
    Reliable & Scalable architecture

  • – More human info –
    Single pool operator
    Technical skills and experience in hardening and system administation
    Owning just One Pool, helping full decentralization in Cardano network
    Personal support and assistance 24/7
    Personal English & Spanish communication with the pool operator 24/7

My name is Alex and I am ADABoost’s pool operator…

Who am I?

– ICT Engineer – previous experience in DevOps and Linux system administration. Your ADA will be always ready and working for you.

– MSc in Cyber Security –
previous experience in OS hardening and digital investigations. Your ADA is secured.

– Researcher –
Machine Learning applied to Cyber Security issues. My eager to learn and continuously improve will make your ADA your best investment.

I have a chronic disease that affects young individuals. I am lucky as it can be managed well thanks to modern medicine advances. Many millions of people do not have it so “easy”.

I run this pool with the hope that ADA (your and mine) can boost medical advances for many other diseases with worse prognosis and save human lives. I think that is one of the best uses of ADA staking profits (the pool margin profits, not yours).

I am probably not the best operator out there but I am definitely the most determined, methodic and passionate one. My goal is to give you the maximum possible profit and I will achieve it. Your success is my success. A win-win relation, maximizing your profit.

Unique Features, Maximizing your Profit, Boosting Our Future

ADABoost is committed to generate a better future while maximizing your profit.
We offer you: extra-compensation for your loyalty and contribution to a better future by deciding the fate of our periodic donation.

Loyalty Compensation

We compensate our loyal delegators by giving back 100$ for every 10 minted blocks by means of a raffle. Initially, all delegators have the same equal probability. Extra-chances are added for every 100K staked ADA. This amount is subtracted from the pool margin, not from the delegators share.

Technical skills and pro care at your service

Caring about your ADA and boosting its profitability to the maximum is my goal. Secured, scalable and reliable environment.

Boosting Medical Research

ADABoost will donate 100$ for every 2 minted blocks during 6 consecutive epochs to medical investigation projects. The fate of the donation will be decided by the delegators. This amount is subtracted from the pool margin, not from the delegators share.

We are a Team

I will know you and you will know me. Trust and transparency is key. Your ADA is yours and will be always to your use. You can stop staking with us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I stake with ADABoost Cure?

It is managed by an experienced and skilled techie. The system can provide top performance and 100% uptime.
We give back part of OUR pool’s margin to our delegators and contribute to advances in medical research.
We want to construct a better future, and we believe that we can contribute to it with ADA, you and me working together.
This is a single pool operator, independent staking pool. We believe in free market and decentralization and we want to contribute to it.
I will always be transparent and keep everything as low as possible. Smallest fees, always.
You can rely on us, stake your ADA with us, forget and come back in some time. Your rewards will be waiting for you, always for you and to you.

Who are you?

You will meet me when you stake your ADA in the pool. I will help you through the process and always communicate with you, giving as much support as needed. I do not make my name public as it is also part of the security we ensure in this pool. Just the team knows the team.

Why 1% of margin? Why not 0%?

Good things are rarely free and keeping the node working takes time, effort and an expensive and professional architecture and that all costs money. Plus the periodic contribution and the periodic extra-compensation for loyal delegators justify the 1% instead of a 0%. But it will always be as small as possible.
The income of a 0% is not reliable as it does not cover the expenses and thus a 0% pool is prone to run a professional service, it is simply not long-term sustainable. In the end, they will end up raising the fees unexpectedly or shutting down the pool. In whatever case, that threatens your staking and your ADA.

Do you require any minimum ADA?

Absolutely not. The only advantage of staking more ADA is to have more chances to be the one receiving the periodic raffle/giveaway for our loyal delegators. Every 100K you stake you increase your chances +1. Why? Initially, all delegators have equal chances (i.e., uniform distribution) but there must be a way to increase the likelihood of people who contributes more to have a better probability of being compensated, thus this extra increment. But in any case, it will not create inequality and in the long run all delegators will receive the compensation if they stay with us for the long-run.

What is the extra-compensation?

It means that we give back periodically part of the pool’s margin profit to our loyal delegators. Initially, is set up to raffles of 100$ every 10 blocks. But that is just the start, if the pool grows as I would like to, there will be probably every 5, 2 or ideally every block. That all depends on us/you. The more we are, the more often the raffles can happen.

Why the medical research contribution?

I am a researcher in the field of applied artificial intelligence (to cyber security) and I suffer from a chronic disease (i.e., not curable nowadays). I believe Cardano can help to improve the world in many aspects of the human life, not only in finance or tech. Plus I know what a health issue is, I suffer it, in a daily basis, and I want to ensure that in the future, the least people can have that problem thus contributing to medical research, which is an expensive venture, is key to improve our current situation, aiming for a better future for all of us.
This is why this pool donates to medical research contribution. I know both sides, lack of investment cuts research and that have side effects that echo in us as society. In some fields, like AI, that may not be so important, but in some others, like medical research, that is critical to find cures that can SAVE LIVES, millions of human lives in the near future. For me that is enough to start this venture. Is it for you?

But you do not have many delegators….

Yet. We just started our operations on 02.06.2021 (yes, maybe today if you read it). I always liked crypto and loved the Cardano idea, as a scientific researcher I love the scientific validation that they provide for all their implementations and their future is bright.
I invested in ADA some time ago, but I did it in a platform that does not allow me to recover the coins, for now. So my pledge is small for now, as I invested more but a higher price, receiving less coins, but It will increase in the future (I will pledge all I got, slowly steady increase) and the number of contributors I would like to be many, the larger, the better, but unfortunately all starts from 0….so for now we are a small team. You are more than welcome to ADABoost Cure team, I would love to have you in our team.

What about the support? Availability? Care?

I provide support in English and Spanish languages, 24/7 and fully transparent. I will care about your ADA like a treasure but it will be always available to you. It is your and will always be (and it will always grow if you stake with me).

Wanna know more?

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information.

Feel free to contact me via the form, email, twitter or telegram group.

I will answer in less than 24 hrs (probably in minutes)

Or contact me at